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As Recruiters

The Right Connections are the Sparks of Greatness.

In theory, professional recruitment is a simple concept: An empty position exists. An eligible person fills the spot.

At Walker Elliott, we offer recruitment services that go beyond that theory. We are relentless in our pursuit of participants who are not simply willing, but impeccably suited for each other, meshing in terms of goals, talent, environment, culture, and expectations for the future.

Featured Recruiter

Ali Faye  Connect to

Sr. Recruiter

Ali Faye is a Sr. Recruiter for Walker Elliott since 2011. Since joining the Walker Elliott team, Ali has been one of the top producers each year. He grew up in the Houston area and graduated Kingwood High School before attending Stephen F. Austin State University where he received a Bachelor degree in Marketing. He has lived in Houston for over 20 years and has worked in upstream oil and gas since he graduated.

Before recruiting, Ali was a landman which enabled him to the be in core of the marketplace and to cultivate important relationships with a competitive clientele. A brilliant networker, Ali has an extensive professional network, bragging over 30,000 contacts on LinkedIn. His success has put him in the top percentiles of technical recruiters in the oil and gas industry.

Ali's professional philosophy is people-centered. For him, making a smart match is paramount because it could be a life-changing improvement for a talented professional in the oil and gas field. He is a constant participant at functions like NAPE, SPE, and AAPL events throughout the year which keep him up-to-date with the upstream oil and gas market.

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