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The Right Connections are the Sparks of Greatness.

In theory, professional recruitment is a simple concept: An empty position exists. An eligible person fills the spot.

At Walker Elliott, we offer recruitment services that go beyond that theory. We are relentless in our pursuit of participants who are not simply willing, but impeccably suited for each other, meshing in terms of goals, talent, environment, culture, and expectations for the future.

Featured Recruiter

Lisa McCowan  Connect to


Lisa McCowan joined Walker Elliott as a Technical Recruiter in 2016. Growing up as an “Air Force Brat”, Lisa has been fortunate to live and travel all over the world making new friends wherever she goes. After graduating and receiving her Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management from the University of Maryland, Lisa decided to make Houston home.

A talented recruiter, Lisa holds a great deal of experience in Sales and Marketing. After college, she worked as a Branch Manager at Enterprise Holdings. There is where she was able to train and help grow her employees while providing exceptional customer service to every customer she encountered. From there, she went on to serve as a Regional Marketing Specialist at Johnson Supply, where she teamed up with the Sales Team to Market and grow the business.

Lisa’s passion for people and making a difference led her to recruiting where she feels she can assist her clients in finding their next great step to advance their career and improve their lives.

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